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Neuroptika is changing the way eye diseases are treated by targeting the underlying cause; nerve damage.  How?  Their lead product, NRO-1, is a revolutionary, non invasive topical eye drop treatment that has shown efficacy in regenerating the nerve foundations tha...


With online and presentation branding assets in place Neurana strategic communications have begun.  Their new presence coincides with the start of their phase 2 clinical trial studying the efficacy and safety of Tolperisone, their lead drug candidate in treating i...


GEOM Therapeutics engages us some 4 years ago when they entered the realm of Antibiotic research.  Over time we have collaborated to create marketing materials from its inception to present over the course of seed, NIH, CARB X and soon Series A financing rounds....


Dr. Kai Arden is a San Francisco psychiatrist whose unique approach to psychotherapy deserves an equally unique approach to conveying her story visually.  What she does, at first blush seems pretty straight forward, so much so, in fact, that it would be easy to mi...


Psynthesys (the Human Elements' parent company) embarked on a journey six years ago, along with clinical trials concerns, to develop technologies that provide pharmaceutical research teams worldwide, 24/7 access, to the right kind of patient care knowledge when an...

Interactive Physician Assistant

Array Bio was looking for a way to call physicians' attention to critical assessments in clinical development of their pipeline drug Binimetinib.  Screens shown are from a tool I and a team of 4-5 other people co-developed for Array's nee...

Oculus VR LDL reduction Game

Amgen has what may turn out to be the world's best in class LDL lowering product and they wanted to give their conference attendees their own virtual stab at these high blood pressure globular villans.  In the Game players would target LDLs...

Interactive Video Panels 

A thing you can be sure of with BioPharma is that they're heavy on information - and perhaps for good legal reasons.  The deliverable was interactive video panels designed with attract loops to lure conference attendees into Amgen's space - con...

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